Leader in gas springs manufacturing.


GASAN Gas Springs has started its production
in 2010 in Bursa city, Turkey and now is
operating on a closed area of 1400m².

R&D and Support

New product researches are carried out in line with the demands specified within the scope of customer support.

Quarter Centuries Experience

Gasan Gas Spring Industry offers nearly 25 years of experience in production and quality.

Wide Marketing Network

Gasan® exports to many countries of the world with MG ® brands.






Extension Force of Gas Shock Absorber Gas spring is filled with non-toxic nitrogen under high pressure. This generates a loading pressure acting on the cross-sectional area of the piston rod. This creates the extension force. If the extension force of the gas spring is higher than the force of the counterweight, the piston rod extends. If the extension force is lower, the piston rod retracts. The flow cross-section in the damping system determines how fast the elongation occurs. In addition to nitrogen, there is a defined amount of oil inside for lubrication and end position damping. The suspension comfort of a pneumatic spring can be determined according to the need and for the respective task.

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