Gasan Gas Spring Company

Gasan Gas Spring Company

About  Us

Gasan® Gas Springs Company  was established in Bursa in 1997

Our company produces in the gas gas spring industry especially for furniture and automotive fields, as well as medical, agriculture, food, etc. We are manufacturing gas springs in our factory in Bursa. Our factory, which manufactures under the Gasan® brand, also sells its products under the brand name MG® Gas Spring.

Quality in production is our first priority and our company has EN ISO 9001: 2020 certificates and many other certificates.


Mission And Vision

Having a human-oriented mission, Gasan uses recyclable raw materials as much as possible, in line with being respectful to the environment and nature. That is why; The most important legacy that we can leave to future generations is that our existing world is livable.

Having a regular work flow, Gasan applies very fine quality policies in all production processes. Gasan Gas Spring has an establishment vision that has adopted the principle of producing qualified products.

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